Working with Sticky Dough

Sometimes it is necessary to prepare wet & sticky dough recipes with the use of additional flour. Dough EZ® Greatly reduces or eliminates the use of excessive flour from the rolling process. Here are some tips and techniques that we suggest for working with wetter or stickier dough recipes. Doughs that use a high fat to flour … Continue reading Working with Sticky Dough

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Pastry Frame

Four guide sticks are notched and snap together to form a 9″x13″x1″ pastry frame. Pastry frame can be used for preparing no bake items or as a guide, when rolling out dough when a 1 inch thickness is needed. Perfect for preparing biscuits, donuts, and non baked confections. (See our Recipe section for suggestions)   … Continue reading Pastry Frame

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Guide Sticks

No more worries about misshapen dough or unevenly baked goods. The rolling process is simple and makes rolling dough to the perfect thickness easy. The Guide sticks primary function is to attain uniform thickness or proportions while preparing your favorite dough recipes. Instruction Steps for use of guide sticks.   Dough EZ pastry mat kit … Continue reading Guide Sticks

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